The Devil’s Club

Summary of Game

The Devil’s Club is a casual merge game like no other. Run your own fantasy
tavern and get ready to earn a lot of money. Come to play the #1 lewd gay
game on your phone!

To create the hottest tavern, hire the sexiest men! As you get more resources
you will be able to hire sexier men and unlock their private photos and

Lots of different characters, men of many races, some exclusive ones are
waiting for you to show their secrets.
Merge your husbandos to unlock new ones and take more money from your

This high fantasy merge game puts you in charge of an all-male stripping tavern, where you’ll recruit an eclectic gaggle of guys to work the stables and whip out their money makers to save the world. No, really – your bar is the stop of choice for weary heroes across the land, and it’s up to you to soothe their weary souls. Otherwise, the world could be plunged into complete darkness, which sounds like a pretty massive bummer if you ask us! 

Key Features

The world is in danger and not everyone can save it. Only the bravest heros
will be able to defeat the dark forces that invaded our world some years
ago… But those heroes also need to rest, relax and have a good time! Your
work is to run the best tavern and offer the best services to them, for a fair
price, of course.

The Devil’s Club can be played on most Android devices.
A casual yet highly addictive adult game with a lot of surprises for you.
Create your own strategy while hiring your men and manage your resources
wisely to be able to unlock the hottest boys and have access to their most
private and explicit photos.

More than 40+ hot men’s H-artwork. Boys of many races, and new content
added regularly. Which one will be your favourite? Unlock explicit content
and animated scenes!

Idle System. Your men will make money automatically. You can get money
even when you are offline.
Merge two equal men to unlock a nude version of her.
Merge two nude men to unlock a new one.
Keep playing, unlocking men, and getting your client’s money.
Daily missions and challenges, you will always have something to do.
Spin to win amazing rewards and increase your money earnings.
Customize your tavern to your liking, make it a beach, forest, even a
chocolate one!