Isekai Sim


Hello and welcome all to Starting Town Village! Your first stop in your very own Isekai adventure! Our protagonist is ‘InsertNameHere’ the nonbinary hero we all need! Starting out may be a challenge but we’re sure that- what?

What do you mean they were reborn with terrible stats and refuse to be murdered by a slime?

What do you mean they’re deciding to treat this world as an 18+ dating sim and get “all the 16-bit ass they can?!?”.


Join ‘InsertNameHere’ the hero who never was find their way in this world, is it through our many gratuitous sex scenes? Or the various quests getting to know the NPCS of this world. A story of finding yourself and deciding what you want out of life, and earning the respect of others.


-A strong and loveable cast of 15 NPCS, each with their own hidden backstory you can explore and find.

-3 dateable NPCs! Each with their own custom XXX scene so you can really get to know them!

-Some other third thing

-11 quests! Do you go the main route and just try to have sex with everyone? Or are you a completionist who wants to take the time to get to know the characters this game developer killed themselves to create.

-Hidden easter eggs throughout! Will you find the secret area and the secret code for more content?

-A calm, walking sim aesthetic, are choices hard for you? Would you rather just explore and unlock all of the things? Well then this game is for you!

-Beautiful retro pixel art fitting for this Isekai World

-A sweet 8-bit soundtrack you can bop to while the main character’s head bops on that d-

-A genuine story of self discovery?!? Of how what you set out for in life isn’t always what you get and changing your path in life is ok?!? Do people like that in a XXX game? Well it’s here

-Porn with Plot

-Shameless callbacks to the game developer’s previous work, can you find them all? I probably can’t!

The free demo version contains one dateable NPC and some side NPCs

The $2 version contains the whole game?? GASP!! Sex and all.

The $3 version includes the bonus art pack, with all of the custom art used in this game. As well as some failed art. Ya know. The rejects where I forgot what a penis looks like (can you really blame a lesbian?) and just left it blank.

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