Bara Giants – Society of Pleasure

Summary of Game

Bara Giants is a bara game with two modes. You can play it as a visual novel (no battles) or a JRPG (level up system), you choose! The story is about an agent working in a secret society to keep giants in control. So, Choose your route, Meet 2 giants, Make choices and Unlock 5 different endings!

Giants are extremely strong creatures that live in isolated communities in Argania’s Kingdom. To keep them under control and avoid a possible threat to humankind, for over 500 years there has been a secret organization that has done everything to please them.

The Society is a group financed by the royal court and the agents who join it have been experiencing a lot of challenges to fulfill the agreement with the king. One of them, William Vanbolt (time to meet Isaac’s brother! – Isaac is a character from ‘Yes, Brother’, has been overcoming these big tests by inventing and using powerful magic potions.

Because of that, he was summoned to start on a mission to meet two giants with totally different personalities and full of mysteries. Now, it’s up to you to choose which path you will follow and discover the best ways to please each one of them. However, don’t forget. No matter how powerful you are, giants will always show you who really is in control of the situation. Can you accomplish this BIG mission?!

Key Features

·       2 Routes (Be a Dom or a Sub)

·       2 Game Modes (Visual Novel and J-RPG)

·       5 Endings (2 for each route + a common one)

·       Multiple Choices

·       Romantic Scenes