Summary of Game

Abducted is a game about a Gio (an unfortunate barista from earth) who wakes up on a research vessel, hovering in space.

He soon realises that he is not alone on this ship, but in fact, trapped with two strong personalities. Kain is a mysterious agent from Earth, who has been abducted alongside Gio and Grey is the alien who has abducted the two.

Gio now has to figure out who to trust and possibly fall in love with as he tries to make his way back to earth.

Key Features

· Deep and immersive story that dead with sex and aliens
· 6 separate endings
· Collectable system that keeps track and rewards your decisions
· 16 uncensored lewd scenes
· 2 unique and interesting romancible characters
· 62.000 words of story
· Visual Novel Style Interactions
· No DRM
· Windows, Mac, Linux